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Steelers vs. Chiefs first half open thread: I love a rainy night

Chiefs at Steelers from soggy and cold Heinz Field. Discuss the game and everything associated with it right here.

Peter Aiken

Eddie Rabbitt is warming up on the main stage as the Steelers prepare to kick off in what appears to be a game on the level of the one at Miami in 2004 and the one against Miami again not long after it.

It's football weather, right?

It's turnover weather, if we judge last night's Bears vs. Texans game in Chicago. Very similar weather (probably the same cell) and it could produce the same kind of chaos.

The key becomes hands. Hang onto the ball, catch the ball, grip it while throwing the ball...and perhaps more than anything else, punch at it and try to knock it away.

Kicking could also be a major factor. Heinz Field is a tough stadium to kick in anyway, and this kind of weather won't help.

Both teams have that advantage, so maybe it'll even itself out, but I'd be willing to bet now the team with less turnovers will win.

Kick off is a little less than an hour from the time of publication but it's obvious fans from both teams are really fired up, so we're gonna let this off the chain a little earlier than usual.

Wave your towels, stir your drinks and get ready for a key AFC game on Monday Night Football.