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Steelers vs. Chiefs second half thread: Competitive game tied at 10

Steelers get a Mike Wallace touchdown to tie the Chiefs at 10 heading into the third quarter.

Gregory Shamus

If Steelers coach Mike Tomlin wanted to go with the hot running hand, he may not not much of a choice to make. He could go with the least cold, which would probably be running back Jonathan Dwyer.

Neither Dwyer nor Isaac Redman look particularly quick on the soggy turf at Heinz Field, but they are just two representatives of an otherwise underwhelming Steelers team through the first two quarters.

Kansas City has simplified their game plan down to one very simple premise. Zone running to Pittsburgh's left defensive side. It's been working, the Chiefs have rushed for 82 yards on 19 carries.

The Chiefs got a 12-yard touchdown run from Jamaal Charles in the first quarter, and the Steelers countered with a seven-yard touchdown pass to Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace. The teams traded field goals, and the game went into halftime tied at 10.

The Steelers own a statistical advantage, but a few nice runs by Charles and a big fumble by Redman spotted Kansas City to an early 10-0 lead.

The Steelers will get the ball after halftime, so stick around around BTSC, it looks like this is going to be a good one.