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Steelers Week 10 Player of the Game: Defensive end Brett Keisel

The Steelers run defense was bent but Keisel did the breaking in the Steelers 16-13 (OT) win over Kansas City in Week 10.


It appeared as if Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was expecting Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel to be at or near his feet before he threw the game-sealing interception in overtime.

Keisel rushed initially, and peeled off, lining himself up in Cassel's downfield passing lane. Outside linebacker James Harrison got a big push to Cassel's left side, and Keisel maintained his position, lining up his leap.

And it happened. Not dramatically, like Lawrence Timmons' interception. Not powerfully, like Harrison's pass rush. Just perfectly timed.

Keisel got a piece of Cassel's pass, deflecting it just enough for Timmons to get his hands up and make the pick. It remains to be seen whether that pass would have been completed - cornerback Ike Taylor had inside position on wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and could have caught it himself - but Keisel's deflection set up the splash play the Steelers needed all game.

On top of that, Keisel had two sacks, his first two of the season, and was constantly in the backfield, helping the Steelers extend their streak of not allowing a passing touchdown to 10 quarters, and holding their fourth consecutive quarterback at or below a completion percentage of 50.

The run defense in this game could have been stronger, but in the end, Keisel and the Steelers held the Chiefs to 13 points and 290 yards. Strong statistics, either way.