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Pick 6 Fantasy Football - BTSC's Week 10 Results & Week 11 Reminder

Congratulations to MadDraculianStork for winning Week 10! And get your Week 11 picks in before 8:20 p.m. tonight (kickoff for Thursday Night Football).

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Time for our weekly Pick 6 Football recap! I'm sure most of you know the drill - pick 6 players that fit under your $120 budget and the top-10 scorers will be featured here each week (click here for more on rules and scoring if you're unfamiliar). It's just some fun, friendly competition in our BTSC community so hit the link above or the banner below and jump in. Get your picks in before 8:20 pm tonight - kickoff time for Thursday Night Football.

Here were our top-10 BTSCers in Week 10, as they stand right now (note on that later):


Congratulations to MadDraculianStork!

***Note: Shaun Suisham kicked an extra point and three field goals without any misses, but was only credited with a single fantasy point when I looked at my six. I sent a note to support asking about it, and that could result in some reshuffling for myself and quite a few others. But barring any other potential corrections, MadDraculianStork should stay in the top spot.***

Week 10 Winning Roster - MadDraculianStork
POS Player Team Cost Points
QB Joe Flacco BAL $23.75 30.7
RB Marshawn Lynch SEA $43.00 19.1
WR Mike Williams TAM $8.75 6.4
TE Jason Witten DAL $30.00 4.7
K Steven Hauschka SEA $5.50 4.0
WC Connor Barth (K) TAM $8.25 12.0

$119.25 76.9

Joe Flacco brought home the bacon as the highest scoring fantasy QB for Week 10. And if I'm not mistaken, this might be the first time BTSC's weekly winner has had a kicker in the wild card spot.

Who've you got this week?

Anyone ballsy enough to roll with Byron Leftwich?