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Thursday Night Football open thread: Miami at Buffalo in red hot AFC East action

An open thread to discuss the NFL Week 11 Thursday Night Football game between Miami and Buffalo

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

See that headline? That's copy writing at its finest. It literally drew you in, didn't it?

Don't lie. I have no idea why you're here.

I actually enjoy watching Miami play, and have all season. I think Ryan Tannehill is a very intriguing young passer, and could actually turn out to be pretty outstanding. There really isn't much else by way of explanation of how the Dolphins are doing as well as they are, except they're just all around a solid team.

Buffalo, on the other hand...

I've always enjoyed the Ryan Fitzpatrick story (some Irish dude goes to Harvard and ends up in the NFL, two things not always associated with people of Irish descent), and enjoyed him recently on The League even more. Ya hope for more from the guy, even if he kind of resembles Carson Palmer when they both have beards.

Anyway...tune in, share a few jokes, let us know where you are in the country, and let the good times roll.