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Keenan Lewis says Steelers, not Ravens, have the fastest receiver in the league

Steelers players say Mike Wallace is faster than Torrey Smith, and Ravens players probably say the opposite. What's important is who makes the big plays on Sunday.

Patrick Smith

When you know speed, you know speed.

The respective secondaries of the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers see serious speed in practice each day. Both Mike Wallace and Torrey Smith have the land speed of a jaguar (not the ones in Jacksonville), and they can speak confidently about the subject.

Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis did, suggesting Wallace has Smith in the speed department.

"Honestly, he's a real fast guy but he's not Mike Wallace," Lewis said of Smith. "We've got the fastest guy in the league. Period. Every day. So when you have a guy like that you practice with, especially me in the summer time then every day in practice, I'm feeling pretty comfortable about guarding him."

Baltimore - and Smith - had a big passing game against Oakland, and it was obvious the Raiders were concerned about Smith. On a deep completion to tight end Ed Dickson, Raiders cornerback Michael Huff slipped off the snap and the free safety bolted like he was shot out of a cannon down to pick him up. It left Dickson isolated in the middle of the field for a 30-yard completion.

It's likely both Smith and Wallace will draw plenty of attention Sunday, and while whomever is technically faster means nothing, they'll both have outstanding games if left in single coverage too often.