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James Farrior says "I'm done" in response to questions about his return to the NFL

Steelers starting linebacker from 2002-11 says he received a few phone calls about playing after his release from the Steelers this offseason, but declined all of them.

Jared Wickerham

ESPN Radio's Ken Laird spoke with former Steelers linebacker James Farrior, who's in attendance at Heinz Field as part of the Steelers' 80th anniversary season celebration tonight, and got a few interesting responses from him in regards to his future.

When asked if he was retired, Farrior responded, "I'm done, man. I got a few phone calls, but I really felt like once I left the Steelers there wasn't anyone else I wanted to play for. Fifteen years is a long time to play in the NFL. I figured I better get out while I still had my brain inside my head."

Farrior, who told Laird he watches every Steelers game from his home in Texas, said he had particular interest in watching the play of Larry Foote, the man who replaced him at the buck linebacker position.

"He's playing outstanding, man, I couldn't have even imagined him playing better than he's playing right now. I've always known he was a good player he just needed an opportunity to go out there an shine, and he's done that."