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Steelers vs. Ravens First Half Open Thread and Inactive List

The Steelers will be without Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown, but neither are surprising.

Joe Sargent

It's time to eat.

The story of the week is, of course, if Byron Leftwich can step up and play well enough to keep the Steelers in the playoff hunt.

The Ravens get Haloti Ngata back from injury, but lost one of their starting corners for this game, and a sure fire Hall of Fame middle linebacker possibly for the season.

For the Steelers, notable injuries are, of course, Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, and Antonio Brown.

Marcus Gilbert, Sylvester Stevenson, Troy Polamalu, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Adrian Robinson join Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown on the inactive list.

They are, however, getting a couple of stars back from injury as well. Rashard Mendenhall and Ryan Clark. Although Clark hasn't been out for a game since Week 1, he had concussion symptoms stemming from a hit he laid during the Chiefs game. With the gelling of this newly mauling O-line, and the Ravens struggling to stop the run, it looks to be a good day for the Steelers stable of running backs.

The Steelers will also look to limit the "Heave'n'Pray" Ravens offense with a healthy Clark out there.