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Steelers vs. Ravens second half open thread: Baltimore leads 10-7 after a poor first half from both teams

Pittsburgh has committed several penalties and have not established any sense of rhythm after scoring on their first possession. Baltimore has a fumble recovery that led to a field goal and a punt return touchdown, and lead 10-7.

Joe Sargent

If the Steelers' defense was not playing an outstanding game, it could be much worse than 10-7.

Fortunately, Baltimore's offense doesn't look any better.

The offensive execution on both teams has been poor, to put it mildly. The Steelers' touchdown came off a big (and very smart) pass interference on cornerback Cary Williams, and Baltimore's seeming lack of desire to tackle QB Byron Leftwich.

Baltimore scored on a punt return touchdown and an extremely ill-timed fumble by Steelers WR Mike Wallace.

Whether Leftwich is hurt (he winced a bit after his touchdown run) or not, he looks worse than advertised.

Outside of that, poor (being generous) pass protection from RT Mike Adams and several penalties have killed any rhythm the offense is looking to create. The Steelers haven't run much or well to this point, and the Steelers had one third down conversion in the first half - that didn't come until their final drive of the half. The Steelers had a chance to get another one, but an absolute garbage run by Jonathan Dwyer on 3rd and 1 prevented that.

The Steelers defense is clearly the stronger of the two units through two quarters of play, minus OLB Paul Kruger, but the Steelers have failed to capitalize on it.

Pittsburgh's philosophy, though, is keeping games close. Through two quarters, with an offense struggling as badly as the Steelers' is, they may not have that luxury for much longer.

Let's get to the second half. Baltimore will receive the kick to start the third quarter.