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Steelers playoff picture: Pittsburgh has a favorable schedule with six games to play

The divisional race seems all but wrapped up with Baltimore taking a two-game lead in the AFC North. The Steelers have a one-game lead over Cincinnati for the final Wild Card spot in the AFC.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE
AFC Playoff Standings:

1. Houston (9-1, AFC South leader)

2. Baltimore (8-2, AFC North leader)

3. New England (7-3, AFC East leader)

4. Denver (7-3, AFC West leader)

5. Indianapolis (6-4, beat Pittsburgh by virtue of conference record)

6. Pittsburgh (6-4)

7. Cincinnati (5-5)

8. San Diego (4-6)

9. Tennessee (4-6)

10. N.Y. Jets (4-6)

11. Buffalo (4-6)

The Steelers and Colts are battling for the 5th seed, which, after Week 11, would play at Denver. The sixth seed would travel to New England.

The Steelers have six games remaining - at Cleveland, at Baltimore, vs. San Diego, at Dallas, vs. Cincinnati, vs. Cleveland. The Colts have - vs. Buffalo, at Detroit, vs. Tennessee, at Houston, at Kansas City, vs. Houston.

Clearly, the presence of Houston twice in Indianapolis's final six games bodes well for the Steelers, but Houston could have nothing to play for in Week 17.

The Steelers have a very favorable schedule, only facing one team with a record above .500 (Baltimore in Week 13) but that home game against Cincinnati in Week 16 is looming hugely on the horizon.

First things first, though, the streaky Cleveland Browns have plenty to play for, despite having missed out on a winning season for the fifth consecutive year.