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Ed Reed suspended for hit on Emmanuel Sanders

Ravens free safety Ed Reed was suspended for one game for a hit on Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders in Week 11.


The NFL announced Ravens safety Ed Reed has been suspended one game for his hit on Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders in Baltimore's 13-10 win over Pittsburgh in Week 11.

The hit in question drew a valid 15-yard personal foul penalty. Reed had two previous violations in the past three years, including hits on Drew Brees in 2010 and Deion Branch at the beginning of this season. The former violation garnered Reed a $10,000 fine; the hit this season cost Reed $21,000.

It's a pity the fine Reed is paying doesn't go directly to the affected player. Sanders could have used it to help with the hit he took from the NFL for his alleged faked injury a couple of weeks ago.

Reed is not allowed to practice this week, and will be reinstated after Baltimore's game in Week 12.

Although Sanders didn't appear to have any immediate effects from the hit, this is a fascinating development in light of the events of last week. It is obvious the league is going to become more and more sensitive to head injury issues and less and less able to appear to be tolerant of them.

Steelers linebacker James Harrison was suspended one game last season after hitting Browns quarterback Colt McCoy in the head. Broncos LB Joe Mays was suspended for a game for a hit on Texans QB Matt Schaub. Reed is the first to be suspended for a hit on a wide receiver since the league began cracking down on hits to the head from defensive players.

And of course, what nobody is talking about are the injuries the league apparently has no intention of trying to prevent. While Sanders was just fine, Jerricho Cotchery and Isaac Redman actually did sustain concussions in last night's game.