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Byron Leftwich broke two ribs in Steelers loss to Ravens, Charlie Batch to start in Week 12

With two broken ribs, and Ben Roethlisberger possibly one week from returning to the starting lineup, it may be time to place Byron Leftwich on injured reserve and find a third-string quarterback for the remainder of the season.


News of the injury spread around early Monday and most who watched the game could easily tell Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich was injured during the Steelers' 13-10 loss to Baltimore in Week 11.

Confirmation of Leftwich's two fractured ribs came out Monday afternoon, while news of Charlie Batch making his first start of the season when the Steelers take on the Cleveland Browns in Week 12.

We've speculated on the idea of who the Steelers may sign in wake of Leftwich's injury, and considering the severity of the injury, placing him on injured-reserve has to be considered an option.

If Ben Roethlisberger looks to return possibly as early as Week 13 at Baltimore, Batch's starting duties appear to be for one game only. If Leftwich is out for Week 12, they would have to sign someone to dress that week and sit behind Batch.

Putting Leftwich on the IR would free a roster spot, allowing the Steelers to keep this third quarterback for the remainder of the season.

Broken ribs aren't injuries that go away in a week, and it seems to make more sense to simply bring in someone healthy right away and prepare them to be the third string quarterback - assuming the Steelers end their recent string of quarterback injuries - for the remainder of the year.