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Steelers Fantasy Friday: Quick hit questions about NFL Week 9

Jonathan Dwyer? Antonio Brown? We know now one is playing and one isn't. What will Brown do for Pittsburgh in this game? Brad Newberg and Neal Coolong discuss in this week's Fantasy Friday.

Joe Sargent

Jonathan Dwyer will not be the main feature back for the Steelers over the remainder of the 2012 season.

Two reasons, really. One, eventually, Rashard Mendenhall will return from injury. Two, Dwyer is already out for Sunday's game at the Giants, and, if the first half of the 2012 season has proved anything, it's that Steelers running backs get hurt often. Isaac Redman will return Sunday in the absences of Mendenhall and Dwyer.

As for Antonio Brown, he either gets four catches or seven. Consistent, if nothing else. Will he get less than four or more than seven Sunday? Maybe one of those in-between numbers?

Certainly, one number Fantasy owners would like to see Brown increase is his touchdowns. With only one so far this season (not including backpeddaling punt returns called back on penalties), he's a tough start right now, particularly with the emergence of Heath Miller in the red zone.

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