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Brian Hoyer signs with Steelers

Former Patriots back-up quarterback will be No. 2 behind Charlie Batch Sunday at Cleveland.


Brian Hoyer, who, until recently, was Tom Brady's primary (read: only) backup signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers Tuesday. He will be active to back up Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch in Week 12 when the Steelers take on division rival Cleveland.

The news of signing a free agent quarterback doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been following the Steelers, but the actual man they signed might be.

First, he's a Cleveland native. Second, he's a former Patriot.

Odd, not exactly two areas well loved by Steeler Nation.

Hoyer was born October 13, 1985 in Ohio. He played his college ball at Michigan State.

He went undrafted in the 2009 draft, despite being invited to the Combine.

He has a 62.8 NFL career completion percentage, with a quarterback rating of 80.2, and a 1-1 touchdown to interception ratio.

This being his fourth pro season, all of which were under the tutelage of Bill Bellicheck and Tom Brady, he should be in an excellent position to be able to practice with the squad and be able to step in in case Charlie Batch goes out with injury.