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5 Burning Questions in the Wake of the Steelers Loss to the Ravens

The Steelers blew an opportunity vs. Baltimore. Should Tomlin have pulled Leftwich? Did Pittsburgh miss another boat in not making an unconventional choice to back up Batch? What is this team's identity? Answer these and other burning questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Lefwich struggled. Should he have been pulled?
Lefwich struggled. Should he have been pulled?
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The Steelers loss to the Ravens was a blow to the Pittsburgh's chance to gain the lead in the AFC North. In the wake of this tremendous disappointment, Steelers Nation is left struggling with 5 Burning Questions.

1. Whether he knew of Leftwich's injury or not, Mike Tomlin has been loyal to a fault to his starting quarterbacks. My friend Ivan Cole defends our coach here, where I differ, thinking Tomlin should have pulled Leftwich. What do you think, should Charlie Batch have gone in at some point?

2. How do you feel about the Steelers cutting Baron Batch to make room for Plaxico Burress and Brian Hoyer?

3. OK. Let's agree that Pittsburgh is screwed if Charlie Batch gets hurt. Given that, shouldn't the Steelers have gone unconventional in finding an emergency QB, and say, considered signing Antwaan Randle El, who knows the offense, can throw the ball, and might have provided a slight X-Factor?

4. The Steelers have run the ball inside the tackles more than any NFL other team, according to NBC. What does that tell you about this team's personality?

5. Marcus Gilbert and Troy Polamalu are set to practice this week, according to reports. If you're Mike Tomlin, do you consider playing them a little vs. Cleveland or would it be wiser to wait another week for the trip to Baltimore?

There you go folks. Remember, this book is open note, open books and you're encouraged to look at your neighbor's papers. But all work must be your own. Have at it!