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Thanksgiving Day Games Open Thread

Some intriguing, if not a bit overdone, games on the tap as Steeler Nation helps welcome Ben Roethlisberger, Jr., into the world.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

One of the latest additions to Steeler Nation is Benjamin Roethlisberger Jr., born 10:06 p.m. ET Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Hail the Prince of the Extended Play.

As it is, we've still got some intriguing match-ups going on today, including the Houston Texans who are taking on the Detroit Lions today.

After that, Dallas and Washington clash in a battle of middleish NFC East teams, followed by the overhyped Patriots and the overexposed Jets in the afternoon and evening games, respectively.

If nothing else, it would be entertaining to see a Texans defense beat down the Lions (although it would help the AFC a bit more if Houston lost...not sure why I care about that right now, the Steelers are 6-4 and appear to be ready to fight for the wild card).

I'm going to pick...the Texans, Redskins and Patriots.

From all of us at Behind The Steel Curtain to all of you wherever you are, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!