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Steelers vs. Browns: first half open thread

This isn't a game to be taken lightly.

Matt Sullivan

Lamenting over a team's record is the surest way to encourage them to play for an upset.

If a record tells you who a team is, it's only telling you where they have been, not where they are going. Cleveland is a strong defensive team - or at least one that's capable of playing like it every time they step on the field.

The Steelers are pretty strong themselves, defensively, and that is likely going to be the key to what feels like a hard-fought, low-scoring battle. The Browns are playing for nothing more than not finishing with a losing record (while it's highly likely their entire coaching staff is gone after this season). Sitting at 2-8, the obvious reaction is "they aren't a good football team."

And they're not, top to bottom, but in a game driven so hard by matchups, it's ignorant to discount a defense that's showing signs of coming together (with outstanding individual players) when it's going against an offense that's being torn apart by injury.

This will be close. I'd love to be wrong, but this will be a close game.