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Behind the Steel Links

Well that was embarrassing...

Jason Miller

Ben says he's going to try and play on Sunday.

Steelers "highlights" video on

ESPN has a video rant about the Steelers loss to the Browns. Skip Bayless looks a lot like Danny Bonnaduce. calls Charlie Batch's 2012 debut "a nightmare". I don't blame them.

Trib Live has an injury report, and a bit of commentary about the game.

According to Trib Live the bus has "run" out of gas. (See what I did there?)

Sporting News thinks, and rightly so, that the backup (quarterback) plan was flawed.

Labriola writes about the loss.

Lawrence Timmons is Steelers Digest Player of the Week

Charlie Batch takes all the blame for the loss.

Tomlin's post-game (de) presser

Fox Sports does their own version of showing Browns love.