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Smooth Jimmy makes his Week 13 NFL picks

Steelers at Ravens is always one of Jimmy's favorites...because it's always decided by three points. Will it be this week?

Matt Sullivan

Saints 20, Falcons 17

Smooth Jimmy is all about the Saints recently. The Falcons just don't beat this team anymore. Sounds like another rivalry game being played this week.

Jacksonville 17, Buffalo 13

Chicago 20, Seattle 10

Houston 29, Tennessee 21

San Francisco 31, St. Louis 24

No ties this time. Smooth Jimmy's going against his standard New Quarterback Rule in both this game and Jacksonville's game against Buffalo. When a new quarterback comes in for a game or two, he's always ahead of the opposing defense. Everything is telling Smooth Jimmy both Colin Kaepernick and Chad Henne are in for back-to-earth performances, but he's taking both of them anyway.

Arizona 17, New York Jets 13

Raise your hand if you're planning to watch this game this week. C'mon, raise it. You know you want to.

New England 28, Miami 24

Doesn't this have one of those random Patriots losses inside the division written all over it? Why is Smooth Jimmy taking the Pats anyway? Cuz Smooth Jimmy is usually wrong.

Detroit 24, Indianapolis 13

Green Bay 27, Vikings 17

Kansas City 17, Carolina 10

Denver 26, Tampa Bay 24

Baltimore 16, Steelers 10

Hate to do it, says Smooth Jimmy, but just can't see the Steelers offense doing enough in this game. Perhaps a turnover sets up the Steelers' touchdown, perhaps the Steelers offense can move the ball a bit. But Baltimore is just too tough at home (Pittsburgh Steelers tickets).

Cleveland 6, Oakland 3

San Diego 24, Bengals 23

Dallas 20, Philadelphia 10

Washington 24, New York Giants 21