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Four Steelers players nearly win $587 million Powerball lottery

The Steelers' kickers, long snapper and nose tackle matched four of the correct numbers on Wednesday's $587 million Powerball jackpot.

Joe Sargent

Four Steelers nearly struck it rich Wednesday.

Richer, anyway.

According to Trib-Review reporter Mark Kaboly, Punter Drew Butler, long-snapper Greg Warren, kicker Shaun Suisham and nose tackle Casey Hampton each threw in $50 and bought 100 Powerball tickets for the jackpot worth $587 million.

They matched four numbers - 5,16, 23 and 29. Matching those gave them $105 between them.

Or, approximately .0000375 percent of Hampton's $2.8 million yearly salary.

Poor Snacks.

Kaboly wrote that Butler said he'd still be punting Sunday even if they had won the lottery, making him either a liar, the most loyal employee ever or a moron (Pittsburgh Steelers tickets).

"Somebody hit me up on Twitter last night and told me I already hit the lottery because I am playing for the Steelers and I couldn't agree more," Butler said. "I would take (the money) and still be playing."