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Steelers at Giants: Paper champions lead Steelers 14-10 at halftime

The Steelers destroying the Giants in every statistic except the score.

Jeff Zelevansky

Very rarely do we see a game so one-sided be led at halftime by the team taking the brunt of a thorough whipping.

The Giants have been given nearly as many yards in penalties than they've earned, and took a 14-10 lead into the locker room.

This is the kind of "Us Against The World" game the Steelers needed. It's the kind of situation in which a group can bond together and defeat their opponent. It's obvious they only have each other on whom to rely.

Steelers running back Isaac Redman has 87 yards rushing - 10 less than the Giants have total - and is running with conviction.

So is Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, who was apparently knocked out after a vicious hit to his hip, thus bringing further into speculation the question of safety in the NFL. Cruz was back on the field two plays later, and no word is available on whether he'll have to visit the league office. Such a meeting is reserved for players with leg cramps, because you obviously cannot fake a head injury to draw a penalty.

It's unfortunate the game isn't better, but with a second half to play, who know what may happen?

No one expected the first half to be like this.