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Steelers gameday rituals vary from Sunday games to Monday games, but routine is critical

Preparing to watch a game on Sunday is different than games played on Monday, which will be the case in Week 10 when the Steelers take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rich Schultz

Monday Night Football creates the largest amount of challenges toward our pregame routines.

It's so vastly different than any games on Sunday, and even Thursday - being the last instead of the first, having to wait the longest instead of the shortest amount of time, etc.

My gameday routine relies heavily on timing. It's my strict adherence to this ritual that helps the Steelers be successful. Or something. I'm out like a shot from a gun super early when the Steelers play on Sundays, so that same pattern has to be followed on Mondays.

Otherwise, BTSC may end up written as poorly as some other sites "circulating on the Internet."

The key thing here is the Playlist. I rarely stray from the norm during the week, but it changes on game days. Much heavier, louder stuff that gets me in the fighting mood. I listen through that one and a half times (yes, exactly) before it's usually off due to household duties that arise.

The key shift here now from Sunday to Monday is the amount of time I must sit idly by and wait for the game. Lots can throw routines off, so I try not to have one, right up until two hours before kickoff.

I move the big chair flush with the couch, slide the ottoman over and re-calibrate the position of both to line up with the TV. iPod goes into the stereo where the playlist is listened to once more while pregame coverage is on the TV (muted). I usually write a bit more, talk with some readers and look over the opponent's SB Nation team site.

Typically around an hour or so from kickoff, I'm on Trib Live Radio with Daniel Dudley to go over the game. I've done this from the chair in each of the last three games, so odds are very good I'll be doing that again in Week 10.

I thank DD for having me, hang up and begin a furious game of rope pull with the dog to get him properly revved up. Music gets cranked a little more, than it's back to the computer to write the first half open thread. I may stick around and comment a little bit right away, but I typically shut the laptop during games.

I feel this routine is key to the Steelers' success. I have no evidence to support that claim, but I don't want to challenge it, either. Pregame routines are important. I don't know why, but they are.

What are some of the things you're doing before games that are clearly reasons behind the Steelers' current three-game winning streak?

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