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5 Burning Questions Facing Steelers Nation

Can Deebo contribute despite low sack numbers? Last year of the 3-4 in Pittsburgh? Time for the NFL to, literally speaking, move the goal posts? Answer these and other Burning Questions facing Steeler Nation this week.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now strung together 3 in a row!

And while Mike Tomlin might not "Add Style Points" the Black and Gold faithful can be hopeful not only for the Steelers victory over the Giants, but also for the way in which they won.

Nonetheless, as we head into our show down with the Kansas City Chiefs, 5 Burning Questions still await Steelers Nation....

1. The Steelers have now seen strong performances from Rashard Mendenhall, Jonathan Dwyer, and Isaac Redman. Most people, including several in this space last week, credit the line for this turnaround. But Max Starks suggested that success might be due to the end to "running back by committee." What say you?

2. The Steelers defense has now helped secure three wins with strong 4th quarter performances, despite maintaining historic lows in sacks and takeaways. Do you see this success in the absence of "Splash Plays" as a positive or a cause for concern?

3. Speaking of "Spalsh Plays" James Harrison has made few of those since is return from injury. Yet, commentators and coaches go out of their way to talk about how he's contributed mightily elsewhere by dominating key match ups. Is it enough for Silverback to win crucial 1-2's, or should we be seeing more?

4. A few weeks back Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette suggested that this might be the final year that we see the Steelers in the famed 3-4 alignment that they've used since 1982. Given likely personnel changes (Casey Hampton, Brett Keisel, and possibly Harrison moving on), can you foresee 2013 as the year 4-3 returns to Pittsburgh?

5. Shaun Suisham's play has been one of Pittsburgh's unanticipated surprises in 2012. Yet kicker's today are profoundly more accurate than they were a generation ago. Do you think its time that the NFL sprinkle in some more drama into the kicking game by narrowing the uprights and/or moving the goal posts a yard or two further back beyond the end of the end zone?

There you go, have at it folks!