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Ike Taylor named Week 9 Defensive Player of the Week, may not have been best CB on the field

Ike Taylor's interception as part of a dominant defensive performance by the Steelers got him named as the AFC's Defensive Player of the Week. It seemed like Keenan Lewis had the better all-around game.


Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor went from the doghouse to Defensive Player of the Week pretty quickly. His interception (which we highlighted as being part of a great team effort on the play) was among the highlights of a defensive performance that resulted in the Steelers' shutting down one of the league's best offensive teams - the New York Giants.

Turnovers are clearly much bigger plays than tipped passes, but cornerback Keenan Lewis's three passes defensed were hard to ignore. If they were looking for one player from the team with the best defensive performance of the week, they may have wanted to look Lewis's way.

As it is, Taylor got the award, and it isn't without merit. Along with the pick, Taylor had an outstanding play in run support on one of the Giants' few red zone opportunities, and helped keep the Giants' high-production receivers in check throughout the game.

As recently as Week 6, Taylor was hearing catcalls from fans and getting in Twitter brawls with Stephen A. Smith. Taylor, as much as any one player, though, is responsible fro the team's dramatic defensive turnaround, and if this award indicates that, then good for him.

What really matters - and Taylor will be the first one to mention the team - is the fact the Steelers are on a hot streak of defense rivaling any other team in the league as far as points allowed and yards are concerned.

They look to add onto that in Week 10 when Kansas City comes to Pittsburgh for Monday Night Football (Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets).