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Steelers vs. Chiefs: Five questions for the opponent

Behind The Steel Curtain editor Neal Coolong asked Arrowhead Pride editor Joel Thorman five questions in regards to the upcoming Chiefs at Steelers game in Week 10 on Monday Night Football.

Jamie Squire

SB Nation's Chiefs web site, Arrowhead Pride, is sort of the gold standard. Outstanding content, informed opinion and well-written, it's a great resource for anyone seeking Chiefs news. We met with Arrowhead Pride editor Joel Thorman this week, getting his response to five questions we had leading into this game.

1. Dwayne Bowe has 45 catches, but he's caught 54.9 percent of his targets, and has 6.96 yards per target. He's 13th in the league in receptions, but is among the bottom quarter of the top 40 receivers in both those stats. Is that more a lack of other passing targets, or inaccurate passes?

JT: Inaccurate passes. Bowe has his share of drops but he produces on top of that. Matt Cassel has thrown him most of those balls and Cassel is not an efficient passer down the field. That should explain why his yards per target is so low.

2. You wrote about Matt Cassel getting the nod this week, and it appeared by the comments from your readers that wasn't necessarily great news. Why is he struggling?

JT: He's struggling because he doesn't do very well against the blitz, hasn't consistently completed passes and, the big one, he turns it over at an amazing rate. By himself, Cassel has more turnovers than every team except the Chiefs and Cowboys. That kinda says it all. If he's not throwing picks, he's fumbling it away. We're not even mad anymore. It's impressive.

3. Outside of the quarterback, which Steelers player would you want to play for the Chiefs this weekend?

JT: Who's your backup quarterback? Ha. I'd take a healthy Troy Polamalu. Eric Berry has struggled a little bit this season, his first year back from ACL surgery. He's not a bad player but he doesn't seem to be on the same trajectory that he was before the injury. A game-changing safety who -- gasp! -- creates turnovers would be nice.

4. The Texans were huge favorites at New York on Monday Night in Week 5, and won 23-17. The Vikings throttled San Francisco at home in Week 3. Green Bay kicked the tar out of Houston in Week 6. Seems like anything is possible this year. Why can't Kansas City defeat Pittsburgh?

JT: The Chiefs can't defeat Pittsburgh because they turn it over too much. Pittsburgh's defense is good enough that they can create their own turnovers. They don't need the Chiefs help. Just imagine what's going to happen when the Chiefs go minus-four in the turnover department. How often are the Steelers in a close game when they win the turnover battle like that?

5. Steelers fans and draft pundits wrote for weeks heading into the 2012 draft that Dontari Poe was our guy at No. 24. Obviously he went much higher than that (11th overall to the Chiefs). Has he backed up his selection so far this year?

JT: Poe's been fine. We all knew it would take a little time for him to get acclimated but he's been on the field more as the season goes along and earned the starting job. Poe is near the bottom of the list when it comes to the Chiefs problems this year.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for the Chiefs' perspective on the Steelers upcoming Week 10 game.