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Smooth Jimmy delivers the Week 10 NFL picks

Doesn't appear to be much of a match-up on Monday Night Football. Does Smooth Jimmy believe that?

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Indianapolis 27, Jacksonville 12

Do you realize Colts offensive coordinator/head coach Bruce Arians' name is being mentioned among Coach of the Year candidates? Granted, Chuck Pagano's name is there too, but still. THAT Bruce Arians. The very same.

Giants 31, Bengals 27

Miami 31, Tennessee 16

Repeat it again, the Miami Dolphins are still legitimate playoff contenders. Weird, huh?

Detroit 34, Minnesota 21

New England 38, Buffalo 31

The Bills and Patriots go insane when they play each other, and forget to play defense.

New Orleans 31, Atlanta 27

Yep, Smooth Jimmy's calling the Champagne Toast game. Speaking of that, though, would it seem anti-climactic if the Atlanta Falcons were the franchise to knock the 1972 Miami Dolphins off their perch? Smooth Jimmy figures it's odd enough the Falcons are 8-0, undefeated for the season is a bit much to fathom.

Tampa Bay 48, San Diego 26

Denver 24, Carolina 17

Baltimore 26, Oakland 16

Seattle 24, Jets 13

Philadelphia 23, Dallas 20

San Francisco 29, St. Louis 17

Houston 20, Chicago 16

A possible Super Bowl match-up, this game is a must-watch for Smooth Jimmy and all those who love defensive football and its cousin Turnover Based defensive football.

Pittsburgh 20, Kansas City 13

The Steelers really shouldn't have much of a problem, which makes Smooth Jimmy nervous. If the Chiefs would find a way to not turn the ball over five times a game, they'd be much better than 1-7. The Steelers really don't force turnovers. That really doesn't bode well, Smooth Jimmy's not gonna lie.