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Steelers video: Resurgent running game dominates Giants, highlights three game win streak

The Steelers running game has doubled its production from its first five games during a three-game winning streak. We break down how the Steelers did that in the Steelers Week 9 win over the Giants.

We broke down one running play in our Behind The Steel GIFs segment, and we've taken that play - and two others - from the Steelers' win over the Giants in Week 9, broke them down a bit more and made some sense (or, in the case of their opponents, nonsense) over what's happening among the Steelers resurgent running game.

Is it the line? Is it the running backs? The fact is, it's a combination of that, as well as creative variations of several similar plays, that's making the now-powerful engine run.

The Steelers were averaging around 74 yards a game on the ground through Week 6. In Weeks 7-9, they're averaging 155 yards a game. Two of their running backs have 100 yard games (Jonathan Dwyer having two of them), and all this with Rashard Mendenhall on the bench.

Much was said in the preseason about the Steelers' running backs being a position of strength on the team. We're now seeing that to be true.

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