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Pick 6 Fantasy Football - BTSC's Week 9 Results & Week 10 Reminder

Congratulations to ParmG730 for winning Week 9! And get your Week 10 picks in before 8:20 p.m. tonight (kickoff for Thursday Night Football).

Ezra Shaw

Sorry this is very late today, my apologies.


Time for our weekly Pick 6 Football recap! I'm sure most of you know the drill - pick 6 players that fit under your $120 budget and the top-10 scorers will be featured here each week (click here for more on rules and scoring if you're unfamiliar). It's just some fun, friendly competition in our BTSC community so hit the link above or the banner below and jump in. Get your picks in before 8:20 pm tonight - kickoff time for Thursday Night Football.

Here were our top-10 BTSCers in Week 9:


Congratulations to ParmG730!

This is a fact - all ten BTSCers that had Doug Martin and his 51.2 fantasy points (270+ total yards, 4 TDs) finished in the top-10.

(I also had Doug Martin... on my fantasy team... on my bench. Fortunately it didn't cost me a win.)

Week 9 Winning Roster - ParmG730
POS Player Team Cost Points
QB Josh Freeman TAM $8.75 18.1
RB Doug Martin TAM $32.00 51.2
WR Roddy White ATL $43.00 11.8
TE Dallas Clark TAM $0.50 2.2
K Mike Nugent CIN $0.50 12.0
WC Vincent Jackson (WR) TAM $33.00 14.4

$117.75 109.7

That's the most all-in I've ever seen anyone on the Buccaneers offense. And it worked, so there ya go.

Who've you got this week?

Are you loading up on Steelers because you think Todd Haley's going to make a statement against his former team?