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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Colts at Jaguars in a game with AFC Playoff implications

The Colts are currently running with the Steelers for one of two wild card spots in the AFC.

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The Steelers and the Colts play in the bookend games this week - Indianapolis at Jacksonville Thursday night and Kansas City at Pittsburgh on Monday night. Both games have playoff implications with Bruce Arians' Colts holding an advantage due to having a better record within the AFC.

So there are multiple reasons to root for the Jaguars in this game.

Either way, you don't make the playoffs by losing games, so the Steelers have to win, regardless of what the Indianapolis Lucks do.

As weird as it is, the Jaguars defeated the Colts earlier this season, proving Jacksonville can, in fact, win a game. It's rare, indeed.

It's definitely not the same Colts, though. The Chuckstrong version of the team is playing sound, fundamental football behind the rapid development of Andrew Luck and a defense, oddly, similar to Pittsburgh's from earlier this season.

Leaky, not creating takeaways, but not a complete loss either. Room for improvement.

Anyway, discuss the game, make some bets, liven this up a bit.