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Source: Ravens fire offensive coordinator Cam Cameron

Long embattled play caller is out of Baltimore, with Ravens quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell has been tabbed to replace him, according to a source.

Andy Lyons

Reading the reactions of Ravens fans after losses would almost always include complaints about offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

Those complainers get to celebrate despite a 31-28 loss at Washington Sunday. Cameron has reportedly been fired, and replaced by quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell.

Caldwell allegedly spoke with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin when the Steelers had an opening for their own offensive coordinator position. Nothing came of it, and Caldwell eventually was hired by the Ravens.

Behind The Steel Curtain suggested at the time Caldwell found Baltimore an appealing option due to the shaky ground on which Cameron stood in Baltimore, after not receiving an offer from the Steelers. Inconsistent quarterback Joe Flacco turned the ball over twice in the second half in Week 14 (one interception, one fumble lost) despite having an outstanding first half.

Flacco threw for 320 yards and one touchdown along with one interception and one fumble lost in two games against the Steelers this season.

The Ravens (9-5) have lost two consecutive games, and have fallen from the No. 2 seed in the upcoming AFC playoffs to the 4-seed in those two weeks.