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5 Burning Questions Facing Steelers Nation Heading into Dallas

The Chargers shocked the Steelers exposing issues that must be addressed prior to the Cowboys game. Should Tomlin have gone for 2? Do we miss Colon or Taylor more? And most importantly, just who are these 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers?

Justin K. Aller

My what a difference one week makes in the NFL. This is illustrated by how quickly the glory of the Steelers win over the Ravens morphed into truly pathetic performance vs. the Chargers.

But the NFL leaves us with no time to fret. The Dallas Cowboys are deck for this week, but before the Steelers can face then, Steelers Nation has 5 Burning Questions it must resolve:

1. Bill Cowher often said that teams found their identity in the seasons first 4-6 weeks. But after the Ravens game, Steelers Digest editor Bob Labriola argued that the injures the Steelers had suffered delayed Pittsburgh's identity forming process. Do you buy that? Can the Steelers still right the ship or are they doomed to inconsistency?

2. Mike Tomlin took a lot of flack for going for 2 after a penalty following the '07 playoff loss to the Jaguars. Ironically, he's now taking heat for not going for it when a touchdown narrowed the score 16 to 34. Should Tomlin have gone for 2 then?

3. Who do the Steelers miss more right now? Willie Colon or Ike Taylor?

4. What is your reaction to Rashard Mendenhall's no showing at the Chargers game, and do you agree the Steelers decision to suspend him for one game as punishment?

5. Finally the Steelers play their final road game against their historic, cross-conference rival, the Dallas Cowboys. Do you still see the Cowboys as rivals to the Steelers? If so why, and if not when did the rivalry fade for you?

There you go, have at it folks!