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The best and worst quarterbacks in the NFL through 15 weeks

We could discuss all day who the best passers in the NFL are. We find discussing the worst is a lot more entertaining.


Quarterbacks aren't of a main concern in Pittsburgh. It's a nice advantage to have.

What's even more fun during this season of giving and brotherhood is mocking teams that don't have that luxury. Hey, we had to suffer through the Kordell Stewart era, we can speak without fear of Schadenfruedian retribution.

Which quarterbacks are leading the pack? That's not nearly as much fun as talking about who's the worst.

The Candidates

Congratulations to the 2011 Quarterbacks Draft Class Of Guys Not Named Cam Newton. The powerhouse group includes Blaine Gabbert (77.4 rating) and Jake Locker (76.2) have both been bad and hurt, along with sometimes hurt and bad. Christian Ponder adds in his 78.3, too.

Congratulations, Christian, you are leading the 2011 Non Cam Newton Draft Class of Quarterbacks.

Interestingly, they're barely beating out some of their 2012 counterparts, including Passing Messiah Andrew Luck (74.5) and Ryan Tannehill (72.5, but has the hottest wife of the group). Brandon Weeden falls in behind them at 72.5.

He is ahead of Mark Sanchez, who was once drafted in the top five. Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum won't have a happy new year, we don't think.

Something called Ryan Lindley in Arizona has a 42.6 with 120 pass attempts. The Cardinals have lost nine games in a row. We think there's a connection between those two things. Not that John Skelton (55.4) or middling and frequently injured Kevin Kolb (86.1) help a whole lot.

Those are some pretty outstanding candidates. We feel like we're missing one though. Any Steelers fans want to weigh on that?

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