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Bengals vs. Eagles Week 15 Open Thread

Future scouting of a Steelers opponent and the train wreck that is the Philadelphia Eagles. What more could we want on Thursday night?

Matthew Stockman

And the NFL's slate of outstanding match-ups on Thursday night continues.

The rudderless Eagles attempt to defend their home turf from the Bengals, and presumably, hordes of angry Eagles fans who may attempt to remove Andy Reid from power themselves, like an unstoppable rebel force.

Or, like Geno Atkins, who very well could end the Nick Foles regime on his own.

The 6th seed of the AFC playoffs will most likely be decided by the Steelers vs. Bengals game in Week 16, but the Bengals can put some pressure on the Steelers heading into a significantly large AFC North game next week. They can start that with a win over Philadelphia Thursday.

Can they do it? Which quarterback will perform the least poorly? Foles or Andy Dalton? Will the Eagles secondary actually, ya know, do something tonight?

All great questions in another epic Thursday Night battle on NFL Network.

Cee Lo Loves Football.