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Steelers vs. Cowboys First Half Open Thread

The Steelers Week 15 game against Dallas got much bigger after the Ravens were destroyed by the Denver Broncos.

Justin K. Aller

After an absolute massacre of the Ravens by the Broncos, the AFC North title is suddenly up for grabs.

The Bengals won on Thursday, and with the Ravens loss, Pittsburgh has the opportunity to climb within one game of the division-leading Ravens. They only have to beat the Cowboys in Dallas today.

The Steelers will try to do that without Plaxico Burress, who has been ruled inactive for the game. Rookie Josh Victorian will make his first career start after being released by the Steelers in training camp, then again from the practice squad three weeks ago. Makes perfect sense he's starting games now.

Oh, there's another rookie making his first start today. First round pick David DeCastro.

This game suddenly got huge for the Steelers, and if they're going to climb back into the divisional race, they'll have to do without a lot of key players.

This has all the makings of a very competitive game, so stick around for all the latest news, as well as the As Of Now Unnamed Steelers Postgame Show immediately following the game.