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Week 13 Early Games Open Thread

What game(s) are you watching?

Jonathan Daniel

In the early hours of a football Sunday, after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas, there is nothing better than sitting down in your favorite seat and watching some football.

Maybe you have a cup of coffee...Maybe you have an adult beverage...

Looking over the games scheduled for 1:00 PM EST today, I see the potential for some extremely boring contests here.

Jaguars and Bills...Yeah...This one should be a nail-biter...

Panthers Chiefs...The race for the first pick in the draft game...The only thing that makes this game interesting to me, is how Romeo Crennel will respond after yesterday mornings events.

Cardinals/Jets...The battle of the perennial under-achievers. Look for this game to be one big snore.

The only games I see that are worth watching are the Texans/Titans (because I love it when the Titans get slaughtered), and Patriots/Dolphins. Miami almost always plays New England tough, and these aren't the Pats that everyone thinks they are.

Maybe the Seahawks/Bears game, just because I hate Jay Cutler, and I want the Seahawks to be decent again so their fans can shut up about Super Bowl XL.

Let everyone know what you're watching, and maybe throw an update in here for those of the community who can't watch all the games.