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Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh Handshake controversy pointless discussion

Was Steelers coach Mike Tomlin's handshake not courteous enough for Ravens coach John Harbaugh? Was Harbaugh being too sensitive after a tough loss? Let the pointless debate ensue.


After the Steelers' 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 13, the respective head coaches approached each other for the traditional head coach handshake.

One had a priority of ramming home the fact the game was a good one. Indeed it was. The Steelers won on a last-second 42-yard field goal in a game that see-sawed back and forth throughout. The other, though, seemed to want to talk a bit more about it.

Harbaugh congratulated Tomlin, and Tomlin returned the senitment as the two shook hands. Tomlin separated and continued in another direction. Harbaugh seemed to want to discuss the game more, so he flagged Tomlin down, telling him again "congratulations."

Tomlin repeats himself, saying "congratulations," and adds "good job," as he continues to move away. He thumps Ravens right guard Marshal Yanda on the chest as he walks by in a sign of good game often expressed in that manner between football players.

We could go a lot of different directions with this. It doesn't appear Tomlin means any disrespect, it just looks like he was less interested in talking to Harbaugh.

It's unfortunate Harbaugh has to look like he was left high and dry, but it doesn't appear Tomlin's intention was to show him up. And it isn't as if the two rival coaches are known as being great friends or anything.

Maybe there's more to this, but ultimately, it'll appear far worse than it really was.

Besides, it's not as if Tomlin slapped him on the back after the game or anything, like certain Harbaugh coaches have done in the past.