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Smooth Jimmy Apollo makes his Week 16 picks

The end is near on another successful picks season for Smooth Jimmy...even though he never looked back on his level of success.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Smooth Jimmy's not messing around this week.

Fueled on coffee, eyeing an impending snowstorm (since when did they start naming winter storms?) and ready to rattle off winners.

Atlanta 31, Detroit 20

New Orleans 29, Dallas 20

Bitterness? Perhaps. Smooth Jimmy didn't see a great Cowboys team on the field in Week 15. He saw a great quarterback and a lot of missed opportunities by the eventual losing team.

Green Bay 27, Tennessee 13

Kansas City 20, Indianapolis 13

Time for a classic late-regular season performance from a beat-up Arians-coached team. Seems to happen every year, the Colts aren't better than most of the Steelers teams Arians coached from 07-11, why should this be different?

Miami 13, Buffalo 6

San Diego 24, Jets 9

Washington 24, Philadelphia 10

Pittsburgh 16, Cincinnati 13

And it won't be pretty, either. The Steelers have played nearly half a schedule of games that ended on the last play. This one will end like that, but while the Steelers have the Bengals' number over the last, oh, 30 years, turnovers occur mysteriously for the Steelers against Cincinnati. It will be an ugly battle, but the Steelers will prevail.

St. Louis 24, Tampa Bay 19

The future London Rams get a win over the lifeless Bucs. If you think about it, the Rams are the perfect team for the move across the pond. They're in a location that best fits only with some of the most tenured rivalries in sports (AFC West, NFC North), fan support isn't great, stadium isn't new...and there's an enormous market along with a new 95,000 seat stadium. The English love to drink and will do so heavily with something combative to watch. Mark Jimmy's words, they're kicking off in London by 2016.

Carolina 20, Oakland 10

New England 30, Jacksonville 13

Houston 23, Minnesota 10

Time to start talking about how Christian Ponder cost Adrian Peterson the MVP as well as Dickerson's record.

Denver 26, Cleveland 16

Anyone want to bet against the Broncos right now? Anyone?

Chicago 24, Arizona 9

Anyone want to bet on the Cardinals right now? Anyone?

Baltimore 27, Giants 17

Anyone want to be in favor of EITHER of these teams right now? Schizophrenia Bowl...

Seattle 17, San Francisco 13