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Steelers vs. Bengals First Half Open Thread

It's a Week 16 playoff game in Pittsburgh. Stick around BTSC all day, we'll be here breaking it down and either celebrating or mourning right along with you.

Grant Halverson

The postseason is on the line. Lose, and the Steelers are eliminated. Win and they're alive for the wild card, needing then only to beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 17 to clinch a playoff berth.

Also, the division title is still at stake, as odd as that seems. The collapsing Baltimore Ravens can sew up the AFC North title with a win over the Giants today, but if they lose, they'll need a win to clinch. They have already qualified for the playoffs, but could find themselves on the road in the first round of the postseason.

It's a hugely important day in the AFC North, but all of these things pale in comparison to the anniversary of the Immaculate Reception (Check out our stream of all Immaculate Reception stories run here this week).

The Steelers are celebrating that along with fighting for their postseason lives. Stick around Behind The Steel Curtain, we'll be at this all day and into the night.

A very merry, safe, joyful and productive Christmas Eve Eve to all of Steeler Nation!

-Your Friends at Behind The Steel Curtain