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Steelers vs. Browns first half open thread

Even if it's meaningless, the Steelers will come out to play hard against a division rival if for no reason other than avoiding a losing season - something they haven't had in nine years.

Justin K. Aller

There's the simple concept of winning the game. As Herm Edwards famously exploded, "you play to win the game."


There far more to winning as a team than simply having talented players. The vast majority of NFL teams have lots of talented players on their roster. Preparation is the difference between a championship team and a decent team. Getting into the habit of letting up simply because it could net you a draft pick three spots higher is not a winning mentality.

You lose that, you lose everything.

The Steelers play for nothing more than their pride, and if that's not enough, then yes, they should lose; that's a losing mentality.

You gain that, you gain nothing.

This game may not mean anything to this season, but for younger guys have the necessity to show they can play in this league and maintain their roster spot. Veterans have to play to justify why they're a better option than the draft pick the team might bring in to replace him.

I honestly could see this being a Steelers blowout - too late to affect this season, but at long last, the three-phase dominant performance we've been waiting to see.

We'll see how it goes. One last game, BTSC faithful, let's make it a good one.