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Ravens fan wanted to fight Steelers safety Ryan Clark

Clark said a Ravens fan pulled up his shirt, revealing his abs, and wanted to fight Clark after the Steelers defeated the Ravens 23-20 in Week 13.


It's usually the way of things for an NFL fan who watched his or her team from the stadium of that team's rival to suggest they were greeted with obscenities, attacked, shot at and had civil rights violated.

So Steelers fans (and presumably Ravens fans upon a visit to Heinz Field) usually tell tales of overly intoxicated Baltimoreans accosting them at and around the stadium before, during and after the game.

Sunday, though, the tale got a little more interesting.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark said on his weekly radio show on 93.7 The Fan a Ravens fan actually wanted to fight him after the Steelers defeated the Ravens 23-20 in Week 13.

According to Joe Starkey of the Tribune-Review and host on 93.7, Clark said "One guy pulled up his shirt to show me his abs -- or what he thought were his abs -- and wanted to fight me. I said, 'I'm scared of you because I'm sure you were the toughest guy on your little league team.'"

Apparently, the guy's abs - or according to Clark, his junior abs - give him enough strength to take on one of the more well-conditioned pro football players in the league.