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Steelers Injury Report: Ben Roethlisberger officially will start, says coach Mike Tomlin

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin confirmed Ben Roethlisberger will start his first game since Week 10.

Gregory Shamus

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told reporter Theresa Varley Ben Roethlisberger will make his first start since Week 10 when the Steelers host San Diego in Week 14.

The Steelers are 1-2 in the three games Roethlisberger did not play. Back-up Byron Leftwich brought them to a 16-13 (OT) win over Kansas City through the second half of Week 10.

Roethlisberger practiced for the second straight day without incident, meaning the Steelers offense might be able to get back on track. They were at their best from Weeks 7 through 9, winning three straight and rushing for an average of 140 yards a game.

The Steelers are up a tiebreaker on the Cincinnati Bengals for the last wild card spot in the AFC. Both teams are 7-5. The Indianapolis Colts, 8-4, currently lay claim to the 5th seed in the AFC.

Pittsburgh hosts the Bengals in Week 16 in what is the last game with playoff elimination repercussions in the AFC. It very well could be the winner of that game will move into the playoffs and the other one won't.

The Steelers and Bengals both qualified for the playoffs as wild cards last season.