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Smooth Jimmy weighs in with his Week 14 picks

If Smooth Jimmy stopped to think about things, he'd probably feel pretty badly for the San Diego Chargers. But he doesn't think about things.

Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE

Denver 31, Oakland 23

Buffalo 23, St. Louis 10

Cleveland 10, Kansas City 6

Smooth Jimmy is loving this battle between Joe Thomas and Peyton Hillis. It's almost like they're playing for something in this game, and their seasons aren't highlighted by....the fact one of them defeated the Steelers and the other took them to overtime. Ugh.

Indianapolis 27, Tennessee 17

Tell Smooth Jimmy you'd be surprised to hear of a Colts playoff run going at Denver (Manning vs. Luck), at New England (Brady vs. Luck) and vs. Pittsburgh (Arians vs. Old Team). Is it impossible?

Chicago 30, Minnesota 9

Smooth Jimmy's friend gave him a 1,000 word rant about Adrian Peterson making a run at the single season rushing record. Then Peterson didn't practice this week. And Percy Harvin was placed on IR despite all reports indicating he was going to practice this week. All of this in wake of news that Christian Ponder is engaged to ESPN's Samantha Steele after four months of dating. Apparently he misunderstood Leslie Frazier's statement that if he listens to him, he'll have a ring at the end of the four-month season.

Tampa Bay 34, Philadelphia 29

Baltimore 20, Washington 17

Carolina 20, Atlanta 16

N.Y. Jets 10, Jacksonville 7

Pittsburgh 24, San Diego 13

Giving up 13 to San Diego is kind of a stretch, but the last time these two teams played in the regular season, the officials called 13 penalties against the Steelers...and none against the Chargers. Amazing!

San Francisco 30, Miami 21

Seattle 20, Arizona 6

New Orleans 31, N.Y. Giants 10

Green Bay 38, Detroit 16

Houston 20, New England 17