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Which Steelers player has the best nickname?

A team rife of nicknames, it's important to evaluate the good ones as well as the bad.

Gregory Shamus

If we were picking the best nickname among the all-time roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, we'd have to collectively pour through decades of great names. Iconic ones like The Bus, or graphic ones like Johnny "Blood" McNally.

Then there's cultish ones like Slash, or made-up ones that are fitting like Neil "Beard of a Terrible Quarterback" O'Donnell.

Obviously, there's "Big Ben," or, "Benito Grande" for our Spanish speaking fans. And either "Silverback" or "Deebo" for James Harrison.

Then you get to a few really poor and lazy ones, like calling Shaun Suisham "Sushi," Byron Leftwich "Lefty," and Rashard Mendenhall "Mendy." Those simply are inadmissible, if for no reason other than the obvious lack of creativity. Sushi's origins are not based in Canada, Leftwich is right-handed and Mendy just doesn't mean anything.

If anything, the writers who have to type "Roethlisberger" approximately 400,000 times in an eight-year span should have final say over the nickname, but in lieu of a Thursday Night Open Thread (Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets), let's list out the greatest nicknames for Steelers players of all time.

Weigh in, and vote for who you think has the best nickname in the NFL.

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