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Steelers Playoff Picture: Huge weekend for Baltimore as Pittsburgh and Cincinnati look to close the gap

Baltimore's once-dominant three game lead in the AFC North has shrunk to two games, and their Week 14 opponents, the Washington Redskins, are 2.5 point favorites in D.C. A Ravens win and losses from Pittsburgh and the Bengals give the Ravens their second straight AFC North crown.


The Baltimore Ravens can clinch the AFC North title today with a win over Washington and losses by both Pittsburgh (vs. San Diego) and Cincinnati (vs. Dallas).

But if Washington, 2.5 point favorites at home today, is able to defeat the Ravens, Baltimore's once insurmountable three-game division lead shrinks to one game with three to play.

Baltimore ends the 2012 season against Denver and the Giants at home, and Cincinnati on the road - easily the most challenging final three games of the AFC North contenders.

The Bengals have Dallas in Week 14, followed by road games at Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and end the season hosting Baltimore.

Pittsburgh has San Diego today, followed by a road game at Dallas, and are back home against Cincinnati and Cleveland - based on records, the easiest schedule of the three teams.

It's a huge weekend for all three teams, with the Steelers having the biggest advantage according to the points spread. They're a 7.5 point favorite over the visiting Chargers and Cincinnati is a three-point favorite over the Cowboys.