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Steelers vs. Chargers first half Open Thread

Pittsburgh hosts San Diego in a key AFC game for the Steelers' possible playoff berth.

Karl Walter

Baltimore's once-dominant three game lead in the AFC North has shrunk to two games, and their Week 14 opponents, the Washington Redskins, are 2.5 point favorites in D.C. A Ravens win and losses from Pittsburgh and the Bengals give the Ravens their second straight AFC North crown.

The Steelers defense looks to stay hot, as they've been among the game's best teams over the last seven weeks of the season. They'll need them again today, as an offense that still is not 100 percent quite yet will need a boost as they look for that rhythm they had before the injury of Ben Roethlisberger.

Stick around BTSC for the As Of Now Postgame Show with Co-Starters Neal Coolong and Lance Williams right after the game as well. Stick around, and if you're in the midwest, get your shovelin' ready, after a big Steelers win today, you're going to need it.