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Weekly Chats Presented By XFINITY: Steelers As Of Now Unnamed Pregame Show

Steelers vs. Chargers pregame show live!


Stay here for the As Of Now Unnamed Steelers Pregame Show with Co-Starters Neal Coolong and Lance Williams, and we'll have the As of Now Unnamed Steelers Postgame Show with them right after the game as well. Stick around, and if you're in the midwest, get your shovelin' ready, after a big Steelers win today, you're going to need it.

Drop your questions in here, we'll be sure to answer them or laugh along with whatever comments you may have. They could be about the Steelers dominant defense, that goofy picture of Phillip Rivers we need to see each time his name is mentioned, or the fact the Chargers' front office probably has about four weeks left in their employment.

The Steelers, solid as ever, need this win to keep pace in an AFC North and AFC playoff race that's starting to really heat up. Pre and post game shows on BTSC today, stick around, and as always, it's a great day to be alive.