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BTSC a No. 1 Seed in Pittsburgh's Best Sports Blog Tournament

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In some ways, being named a top seed in a tournament featuring 31 other Pittsburgh-related sports blogs is an honor.

In other ways, it means nothing.

The sports fan in me thinks Sean's Ramblings' yearly tournament to determine the "best" Pittsburgh sports blog is a highly creative and fun feature, and the competitive side of me thinks we have the stack to take the title this year.

Behind The Steel Curtain is the No. 1 seed in the Walter Abercrombie region of the Sean's Ramblings' 4th annual tournament, squaring off against Hyzdu's Headquarters, a statistically thorough and informative Pittsburgh Pirates blog.

We've got an interview with Sean, the moderator of the tournament, coming up in the very near future, and he says the idea for the tournament came from Deadspin, a site doing something similar to this on a much grander scale a few years ago.

You can click here to take a look at the other candidates, or give them your thoughts in their comments section. We won't beg for votes in this space, but I'll say I've already voted, and your support is always appreciated.

See, I didn't beg.