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2012 NFL Combine Video Podcast Hosted by SB Nation's Michael Bean and Brad Wells

Hey there Steeler Nation. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. You haven't heard from me much this past few months, as I've been tied up with a move to New York and then helping lay the groundwork for SB Nation's foray into video launching on March 1st. More on that soon, but one of the many things involved with that process is getting our video podcast studio running like clockwork -- from fielding calls to a producer working some really badass equipment that controls both the audio and video feeds. So, on Wednesday night, Brad Wells of Stampede Blue joined me in our studio to record about 45 minutes of NFL commentary -- some specific to the Steelers and Colts, but also some NFL Combine talk amongst ourselves and three guests. Many thanks to Brad, the recently hired Dan Rubenstein, Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft, and Bill Connelley, SB Nation's lead college football editor and one of the managing editors at Rock M Nation.

Having recorded on Wednesday night, there's of course plenty of new information about the Combine's proceedings, but there's enough fun and interesting stuff in it to warrant posting here on Sunday. Catch you all soon!