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Steelers QB Charlie Batch Candidate for NFLPA President

Charlie Batch may not be the greatest quarterback in the league, but his experience and leadership help bring the offensive roster together.

It may not be the only group he'll help improve in the future, too.


ESPN's John Clayton speculated that Batch may be a candidate to replace Kevin Mawae as president of the NFLPA next year.

Batch is a member of the Executive Committee of the NFLPA. Batch is joined there by New Orleans' Drew Brees, Denver's Brian Dawkins, Cleveland's Scott Fujita, former Steelers WR Sean Morey, former Jets FB Tony Richardson, former Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel and Patriots OG Brian Waters, along with Saturday and Foxworth.

Players both active and retired can serve on the executive committee.

Which much of the labor strife over the past 24 months now cleared out of the way, Batch, or whomever is elected president, will likely to continue to the push for safer playing conditions and expectations.

One of the hot-button issues is a team's requirement to appropriately monitor players who have concussion-like symptoms on the sideline during games and practices. Browns QB Colt McCoy is a good example, and could be something Batch will have to provide leadership on as union president.

According to an article on,Batch "remained silent" upon hearing McCoy, who had taken a hit from Batch's teammate James Harrison, only to return two plays later. Fujita, a Browns linebacker, has been outspoken in favor of a system requiring independent neurologists being on the sidelines to evaluate players who possibly could have suffered a concussion.

Browns OL Tony Pashos, the team's union rep, and many other Browns players, don't fault the Browns, and according to the article, place blame on the union.

Former Steelers WR and executive committee member Sean Morey resigned from the union's Mackey-White Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Committee due to what he said was a lack of action on behalf of the union in regards to head injuries.

Morey retired before the 2011 season due to the head injuries he sustained in his career.

Head injuries will continue to be at the forefront in both league circles as well as the union's, and whomever is selected as its next president will likely be heavily invested in those matters.