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BTSC Steelers Six Pack: Super Bowl Sunday Edition

IX - Mike Tomlin broke down the SB matchup and shared what tunes he rocks out to while on a long road trip in an interview with ESPN Radio in New York earlier this week.

X - Many believe that Hines Ward will make the successful transition to NFL coach once his playing days are over. It might be more plausible that Ward begins his coaching career in the collegiate ranks, perhaps even at his alma mater, the University of Georgia.

XIII - The big news this week in Steelers Country was the election of Jack Butler and Dermontti Dawson to the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2012. Huge congratulations to both, but particularly Butler who was both an incredible player and one of the executives behind the scenes that transformed the Steelers organization. If you're unfamiliar with Butler's career legacy, there's no better place to start than Tim Gleason's interview with Butler here on BTSC several years ago.

XIV - It's Super Bowl Sunday, the final day of the 2011 NFL season. By now you know the story-lines of the New England Patriots and the New York Giants SB rematch, the sub-plots and the key matchups. You probably have also noticed that I have not been around these parts here much lately. That's because I started a new job in January with SB Nation that's kept me even more busy than I anticipated. The new job is working on SB Nation's new video initiative, which got underway after we were awarded one of YouTube's highly coveted Original Channel grants. For a longer read on YouTube's big bet, check out the cover story in an early January issue of the New Yorker.

XL -- While we don't launch until March 1st, here's a few looks at some of the productions we've released, including a feel good piece about a random act of kindness from Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and a Super Bowl party primer with Top Chef Eli Kirshtein and the inimitable Spencer Hall.



XLIII-- Not too many would be disappointed if Roger Goodell follows through on his recent comments to consider eliminating the Pro Bowl after seeing what transpired in the latest edition of the ill-conceived all star game last weekend. Assuming the game isn't canceled though, are you on the side of LeSean McCoy who was unapologetic for his lackluster effort in the Pro Bowl, or with Aaron Rodgers who was critical of guys not competing in a radio interview last week.